Company Calendar Frequently Asked Questions

How does Company Calendar software work?

Go to and log in with your user name and password.

What about training?

We walk you through the software on the phone during signup. The software is easy to use. One training session is usually sufficient.

Can several people use the Internet Day Planner at one time?

Use, absolutely. The calendar is designed as a collaborative tool that and used by a group of people.

Can anyone update Company Calendar?

You can think of the Calendar as having a front end and a back end. The front end can be view only. You can display the calendar in view only mode on your site. The back end requires a username and password. In the backb end you can add and edit events.

How do I control who has access to Company Calendar?

Using passwords.

Can I have events scheduled for different people in my organization?

You can assign different colors for the people in your organization. For example, one client supports four venues on a single calendar. The keep a central calendar yet segregate events by color. One venue is red, the second is green, and so on. You have up to 8 colors.

Does this software integrate into my Site and/or Intranet?

Yes, perfectly.

Can I see the events for the upcoming week?

You can see events in these modes: calendar, day, week, and month.

Note: If your question was not addressed call us at 714-368-1500.