solve your organizational problems in three easy steps
step one: enter your team into company calendar

Setting up your team in Company Calendar couldn't be easier. Just log in (with the username and password we provide you), click User Administration, and click Add User. Fill in a form. Enter their email if you'd like everyone to receive email alerts, set their security level, and give them a username and password. That's it. You now have a powerful virtual team.

Step Two: Enter Your Events into Company Calendar

Enter your events into the system by clicking Add Event. You have many options with your event such as: title color, cell color, repeat, priority, uploading a Microsoft Office document like Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, assigned to, assigned by and up to 8 sub-calendar groups (if that's what you want). Once your events are in Company Calendar your organizational problems are solved. Now everyone on your team knows what's going on, regardless of where they are physically.

Step three: everyone works to the same master calendar

All events, from different people, go on the same master calendar as shown above. The concept is simple and effective. Some users have read only access and some can change and add events. Stop wasting time and energy caused by a lack of organization. Employ this simple tool. Rely on it and consult with it constantly and your organizational problems will be over.

you are now keeping impeccible tax records

One of the best things about Company Calendar is that you are rewarded with impeccable records just for being more organized. From the moment you start using it you are building a complete, accurate database of all your company meetings, trips, and events. These records are detailed and complete. They are perfect to support expense reports, mileage records, and corporate meeting requirements. Company Calendar is simple, effective, and inexpensive - and your first 30 days are absolutely free!

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