The Benefits Of Using Company Calendar To Manage A Team Of Workers

Company Calendar puts you in control of your group

Successful businesses have strong leadership. The marching orders need to come from the top. In many businesses that's not possible. People aren't all at the office anymore. What is needed is a way to establish a master schedule for the business for everyone, whether they are physically present or not. Company Calendar provides the perfect tool for the leader to establish a schedule that can be seen by everyone supporting the organization.

Company Calendar eliminates the need to sync

There are many fine calendars available. Google has one. Outlook has one. Smart Phones have them too. What makes Company Calendar unique is that it is a group calendar and it's available online. Company Calendar is the master schedule set by you. Everyone on the team goes to Company Calendar to see the schedule for the day. This eliminates the need to sync between calendars. When you sync, things become complicated. For example, when did you sync - this morning or this afternoon? Company Calendar is a single calendar that is up to date all the time. When you make a change to the schedule, it's realized throughout the organization. Sometimes simple is better, especially when it comes to scheduling.

Company Calendar eliminates unnecessary trips

When an employee shows up to an appointment at the wrong time or place it's expensive and demoralizing. Eliminating a single missed appointment will pay for the calendar for a year or more. Employees often "march to their own drummer." You don't want that. You want them marching to your "drum beat." Implementing Company Calendar eliminates this confusion completely. You become a more professional organization immediately. Company Calendar keeps moral high by having everyone showing up at the right place at the right time.

Company Calendar controls editing by user privileges

Company Calendar uses a concept of "users" to control who can do what. User privileges are from 1 to 5 with 5 having the most control. The person who establishes the schedule is given level 5 privileges. The person who merely consults the calendar is given level 1 privilege. Company Calendar imposes a structure in the group that keeps you firmly in control.

Company Calendar can be established at the office and seen from the road

One of the main advantages of Company Calendar is its accessibility. You can view the calendar from anywhere, provided you can get on the Internet. This seemingly minor advantage becomes important when you have people outside the office. Trips to the office are eliminated because sales people know exactly where to go. You have the choice to access anyone into the calendar. They don't have to work for you. You can even show the calendar on your web site. It is a huge organizational advantage to display a master schedule that can be viewed anywhere.

Company Calendar allows uploading documents to events

We have built the ability to upload documents to the calendar. For example, if a salesman needs a sales presentation for a meeting with a prospect, you can upload the presentation from the office so she'll have it when she arrives. The calendar is a great place to store word docs, spreadsheets, and presentations. It's not a complicated benefit, but it's nice to have it when you need it.

Company Calendar is a full SQL database

Utility calendars are nice. Company Calendar is an industrial tool that sits on a full SQL database. You are able to search your database for events that happened years ago. Everything you add to the calendar stays in the calendar indefinitely. That is a nice capability to have.