Web Calendar Software : Quick Start Instructions

Thank you for trying Company Calendar free for 30 days.

Log on here as administrator. Your username is xxx and your password is xxx:


Here are the steps to get your system up and running:

Step 1: Enter your coworkers

1. Go here and log in: http://companycalendar.com/login.asp

2. Click User Administration

3. Click Add New User

4. Enter everyone in your organization. Set their level to user.

Note: If you're going to use automatic email notification then you must enter a valid email address for each user. With email notify enabled, your users will get notification every time you add or edit an event.

Step 2: Give your people access to the system

1. Give the user/pass to each person.

2. Have them set the start page of the browser (important) to this page: http://companycalendar.com/calendar/calendar_full.asp

3. Users can see your organizational schedule so they will catch on quickly.

Step 3: Use the calendar. Here are a few pointers:

1. To Add an event click Add Event, fill in the event, and click Add and Go to This Month.

2. To view or edit an Event, click the event.

3. To see the day's events, click the day header.

4. To see an itinerary, click Itinerary view. Set the start date and duration and click the arrow.

Note: The Itinerary view has a mechanical appearance. Go get a user-friendly, printer-friendly itineray click the printer icon on the upper right corner of the Itinerary page. Then go to file, then print.

Step 4: Using the Calendar on your site

The calendar comes with a read-only site suitable for display on your site. These are the steps to deploy a read only site that you can link to, thereby opening your schedule to the publilc.

1. Go to Settings and check the Allow Anonymous Read Access checkbox. Click Update Calendar Settings.

2. On your site, create a link to companycalendar.com/site/index.asp?account=xxx&returnpage=yyy where

3. xxx is your account number (found at the top of the Settings screen)

4. yyy is the full http link to the page you want people to go after they log off.

This provides a mini-site, read-only, where the public can browser your calendar.

Step 5: Custom Fields

You can add up to 4 custom fields to the events screen if you want. Here is how to do that

1. Go to the Settings screen.

2. Enter the name of your custom field and click Update Calendar Settings.

3. This will activate the custom field. It will appear when you add, edit, or view and event.

That is a basic overview of Company Calendar.

Feel free to call us at 714-368-1500. Our hours are 9 to 5, Pacific Time. US.

Within the next 30 days you will receive an invoice from us. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO PAY IT. It simply means if you want to continue service past 30 days call and and make arrangements. We will negotiate.